'Thinking Dance' - Philosophy and dance by Riva Godfried

Humanists have often thought about dance, applying theoretical views to cultural cases, while rarely reaching those who are in fact dancing. What happens if we reverse things and destabilize the order: find dance motion in philosophy and talk about what philosophy means to dancers.
Riva Godfried finished a Researchmaster degree in Comparative Literary Studies. She teaches Philosophy of Science to Bachelor students of Language and Culture Studies. She has been dancing since she was four. Now dancing at Contemporaray Dance Platform she is able to combine the best of both worlds.

June 18: Michèl Foucault & Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker
French philosopher Michèl Foucault changed the very core of humanism with his structuralist theory. The way we read cultural objects is not only deeply influenced by this, but it also offers great possibilities to think about power relations and to undermine them. Contemporary choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker has an exceptional dance style of which the impact is now well-known. Her extremely structured dance pieces are gripping through repetition. They express struggle in the daily routines in minimalist movement. Which structures do we use daily? What do they represent? Can we use structures as a basis for creativity and movement? In this lecture – workshop we will try to answer these questions through a conversation between a great thinker and a great dancer.

Entry with coffee/tea: 15.40 / start 16.00 - 17.30 / €25,- per class

Feb 19: Aristotle & Pina Bausch
March 19: Donna Harraway & Trisha Brown

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