STOB Movement Master Class by Ka Nang David Leung & Marloes van Houten

HK-NL exchange: Moving on from Breaking Bricks and the Second Tower of Babel.
The dancemakers of Breaking Bricks and STOB are looking for a collaboration. The first work in progress will be shown at Nieuwjaarsduik, January 11. You are invited to meet the artists and be involved in the process of this unique collaboration! This master class will explore elements that have been central to the work in progress of STOB.
From the Hong Kong side we shall be tapping into the evocative experience that we have had in the making of a piece that was inspired by an bygone part of the city — the Kowloon Walled City.
We plan to share with the participants of this workshop exercises involving breathing, walking, singing, imagination, improvisational movement and instant choreography that will help the body-mind release itself from “old” constructions of particular habits in moving or using the body in a “performance” setting, while creating a conducive environment in the present moment for building something “new”, and most importantly, authentic, out of these deconstructed elements.
Marloes van Houten was a dancer/singer for STOB. A piece that reminded her of Breaking Bricks (2010), a performance of Iris van Peppen’s performance group. She brought both groups in contact with each other and proposed to start a HK-NL dance dialogue.See for more information about STOB
More about Marloes van Houten & David Leung
Saturday January 10
11.00 - 16.00 o'clock
special offer: € 45,- / € 40,- DI U&A / € 35,- DI U&A early summerbird

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