Release technique - open level

"The body is a clear place" - Erick Hawkins

Class - open level
The main focus of this class is understanding the power of the pelvis. Exploring our tailbone, pelvic floor, hipjoints in co-relation with our full awaken body, we move in and out of the floor.
We will use somatic principles in exploration to create a bigger understanding of our dancing body.
The class shifts between the research through exploring and the research through doing and dancing set material in order to practice our body/mind alignment in movement: Power to the pelvis!

This class can be taken as a warm-up or preperation for the Melting Pot after or in addition to ones dance training.

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Tuesday 19.00 - 20.30 o'clock
Studio 3, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3 Utrecht 
€ 530,- season / € 53,- per month / Two classes € 95,- per month


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