Melting Pot1 / Release technique
Professional or much experience:
Wednesday classes
Morning research class:
SLOW impro


Workshop Improvisation in public space
Iris van Peppen will not only focus on the traces that we mark but morever going through the layers of our bodies and bringing our dance into the layers of the space which will make our traces more vibrantly present in the public space and therefore the public space itself. 
11.30 - 17.30 o'clock / € 120,- / € 110,- 

Contemporary Dance Platform

Contemporary Dance Platform started as Dansimprovisatie Utrecht in 2005 and is an initiative by Iris van Peppen  to reach committed movers within the discipline of new dance techniques. With forming and shaping it's program CDP has a solid relation with Marisa Grande. We offer weekly classes, workshops with (international) guest teachers, exchanges, lectures, showings and performances. Techniques that are relevant for CDP are: release, somatics, improvisation. And influences from: BMC, yoga, martial arts.

We reach out to those that are beginner to professional, toddler to 'older' and students.
Our main base is Studio 3 Utrecht. Our network has expanded from Paris, Hong Kong to Portugal, building relations. Dancers from all over the world come to Utrecht for the workshops and classes. 


Dansimprovisatie Utrecht