Join one or more classes in Improvisation or Contemporary dance.
Our improvisation classes include: movement research, contact improvisation and instant composition.
Our contemporary classes include: Release & Hawkins technique, floorwork and exploration.
Wish to try-out first? first class €14,-, second free. Two hour class: first class € 17,-, second free.


- Nov 27: Performance Highs & Lows OT301
- Nov 29: Lecture philosophy for improvisers
- Nov 29: IC Practice (NO LEADER)
- Dec 9: Melting Pot studio presentation with Marc Nukoop




DI Utrecht & Amsterdam
Contemporary Dance Platform

DI Utrecht & Amsterdam builds a reputation for instant composition as a discipline in the performing arts.

Dance Improvisation Utrecht & Amsterdam is a platform and an initiative by Iris van Peppen to reach committed movers within the discipline of new dance techniques.   
The platform of DI Utrecht & Amsterdam organises weekly classes, workshops with (international) guest teachers, exchanges, showings and  (site specific) performances.
Techniques that are relevant for DI are: Release, Hawkins, instant composition, contact improvisation. But also influences from: BMC, somatics, yoga, martial arts.
DI Utrecht & Amsterdam believes that in this current time of transformation movement is more relevant in our lives than ever!


Dansimprovisatie Utrecht